Ras Malai
Paneer cheese patties served in a thickened milk sauce, flavored with cardamom. $6.00

Frozen dessert made with thickened milk, cream, pistachios, flavored with cardamom and keora. $6.50

Mango Mousse
Made with pureed mangoes, cream, and gelatin. $5.00

Indian rice pudding. $5.00

Gulab Jamun                                     Fried milk powder balls soaked in rose scented syrup. $5.00


Mango Sorbet (Organic) $6.50
Mango Ice Cream (Organic) $6.50
Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream (Organic) $7.00
Cardamon Gelato (Organic) $6.00

Tea: Morning Rise, Earl Grey, Darjeeling Tea, Green Tea, or Jasmine Green. $3.00 (Organic)

Numi Herbal: Chamomile, Mint, or Desert Lime (Organic) $ 3.00

Masala Chai or Decaf Chai $ 3.00

Coffee or Decaf Coffee $3 .00