Ajanta, Regional Feasts of India by Lachu Moorjani, Executive Chef of Ajanta Restaurant. 

The book features recipes for top dishes featured on the menu at Ajanta over the last 10 years. 

  • Twelve complete feasts from different regions of India, each including an appetizer, a main dish, a side dish, rice, bread, and a dessert

  • Several additional recipes for chicken, lamb, vegetables, and chutneys

  • A chapter devoted to tips on Indian cooking

  • A chapter introducing Indian ingredients

  • Full-color photography as well as process shots to show step-by-step recipe preparation

  • A helpful section on pairing wine with Indian food

The cookbook has received rave reviews from several newspapers and magazines, and from many happy Ajanta customers who have purchased it. Whether you are new to Indian cuisine or a lifelong devotee, this cookbook offers you the recipes, instructions, tips, and know-how to create delicious and satisfying feasts for any occasion.

$25 Standalone or Purchase along with Shanti's Spice Box for $56.

Please visit the restaurant or call us during business hours at (510) 526-4373 to place an order.